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Privacy Policy

Please take the time to carefully read the following legal declaration that applies when you register as a member, place orders, and shop on our website.

1. We will keep your personal registration details and information confidential. This includes your email address, phone number, postal address etc. We also guarantee that the information will only be used on our website. We acknowledge our obligation to keep the user's information secure.

2. Users have the obligation to supply authentic information when registering as a member. Be assured of the privacy and security of your email, phone number, contact address, and post code. The WoodyKnows website administrator can contact users through registration information. Users have an obligation to update any changes to their registered information. Please do not register the details for any other person on our website.

3. Please understand that when you choose to use our website, we cannot be held responsible for any problems that users might experience. We will try our best to maintain the continuity and integrity of our website and internet services, but we will not take any legal responsibility if there are unforeseen reasons which cause lose of data, disorganization, personal information, unfinished orders etc. In the case of problems occurring, we will try our best to remedy the user's complaint.

4. We guarantee the authenticity of the described items on our website. This guarantees protection for the users’ rights and interests.

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