How do WoodyKnows Advanced Nasal Dilators work?

WoodyKnows Advanced Nasal Dilators(2nd Gen) are designed to relieve snoring caused by obstruction in the nasal passageway. They gently but effectively support and open up nasal passages from within to maximize the airflow, keep you breathe better and solve the nasal congestion problems instantly.
How does WoodyKnows Side Sleeping Backpack work?
- Have you ever been told that you snored less when you sleep on you side than on your back? If yes, WoodyKnows Side Sleeping Backpack is for you.
- You will sleep on either side of your body when you roll over with its help.
- Side Sleeping Backpack helps maintain a side sleeping position naturally, which keeps the airway to assume its natural position without being blocked by the relaxed soft palate, eliminates or substantially reduces vibrations(snoring) and allows snorers to breathe freely.

How does WoodyKnows Mouth Strip work?

It gently closes your mouth with skin-friendly adhesive and helps build a healthy and natural habit of nose breathing. It will relieve mouth dryness and sore throat in the morning due to mouth breathing. There is less water evaporation and snore can't go out of your mouth any more.