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WoodyKnows Super Defense Nasal Filters (New Model) Reduce Particulate Air Pollution

WoodyKnows Super Defense Nose / Nasal Filters (New Model) Reduce Pollen, Dust, Dander, and Mold Allergens, Airborne Air Pollution PM2.5 Particles, Allergy Allergic Asthma Sinusitis Rhinitis Hay Fever Allergies Relief Reliever, Portable Air Purifier Cleane
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Staying at home during the allergy season? Suffering from the side effects of allergies? WoodyKnows ultra-defensive nasal filter portable air purifier can filter out particles in the air and effectively reduce your exposure to pollen, dust mites, mold, pet dander, bacteria, viruses and air pollution and other allergens. During peak allergies, it is recommended to use it in conjunction with nasal spray or allergy tablets to achieve the best results. The filter will reduce exposure to allergens, and the medication will reduce allergic reactions, thereby significantly reducing the dose of medication required to avoid side effects such as frequent nosebleeds, leukoplakia, headaches, sinus pain or sore throat. If you have an itchy or runny nose, it is recommended that you use a nasal spray one day before wearing the filter to prevent mucus from entering the filter and affecting its normal function. Do not use during sports activities or other situations where shortness of breath may occur. They also work perfectly with our nasal dilators to relieve nasal congestion and snoring related to the nose!

Enhanced filtering capacity, medium air permeability:The advanced electrostatic filter can attract and filter out particles in the air as small as 1 micron. Carefully attach a layer of nylon mesh to the surface of the filter to prevent the fibers from falling off and being sucked in.

Perfect fit and seal: The nostril filter is designed according to the natural shape of the nostril to achieve perfect fit and seal.

Comfort: The filter stays in the nostril to maintain comfort, only touches the skin of the nasal cavity, and is 0.5 cm away from the sensitive nasal mucosa.
Two series of shapes are provided: round and slotted shapes, which are suitable for most nostril types. Each disposable filter can last for 2 to 5 days.
Almost invisible: The slim connecting clips make them almost invisible when worn during the day and night.
Low-cost trial package: We provide a special low-cost combination package, which includes one of the four sizes of a specific shape series for your first try.


Allergy? Reducing exposure to allergens is the key!

A congested nose, sneezing, wheezing and hives: these are symptoms of an allergic reaction caused when plants release pollen into the air, usually in the spring or fall. 10% to 30% of people worldwide are affected by allergic rhinitis. Developing allergies can induce and aggravate other allergies, which may seriously affect your health and quality of life. There's no way to avoid getting seasonal allergies. The best thing to do is to lessen your exposure to the allergens and take allergy medications before you're exposed to allergens. WoodyKnows Nasal Filters can effectively lessen your exposure to indoor and outdoor airborne allergens. They work in perfect combination with nasal spray and allergy tablets to alleviate allergy symptoms in peak season, and with its help, you can significantly reduce the dose of the drugs to avoid their side effects which may lead to permanent nasal mucosal and blood vessel damage.

WoodyKnows超级鼻过滤器易于应用Enhanced Filtering, Moderate Breathability

The advanced electrostatic non-woven filters are very effective in attracting and filtering out airborne particles such as pollen, dust mites, mold, pet hair and dander, germs, virus, and air pollution. The fluffy filter provides moderate breathability. A layer of nylon mesh was discreetly attached to the filter surface to prevent the fibers from falling off and being inhaled. The filter frame made from medical-grade plastic is very slim and soft for more airflow and comfort.

Easy to Apply

Hold the nasal filters with its narrow ends towards nose tip and the connecting clip down. Insert the filters into your nostril with your thumbs. You are ready to breathe clean air!



Perfect Fit and Seal, Virtually Invisible

The nasal filters are designed according to the natural shape of the nostril for perfect fit and seal. Two series of round and slotted shape are available to fit most nostril types. The slim connecting clip makes them virtually invisible for daytime and nighttime wear.

Low-Cost Combo Trial Pack

Both the round and slotted series are available in sizes S, M, L, and XL. For each series, we offer the low-cost Combo Trial Pack containing one of each of the four sizes for your first try. After that, you can order a 6-pack of the size that fits you best. Each disposable filter lasts 2 to 5 days.




Some people have allergy symptoms due to inhaling allergens. After applying WodyKnows Nasal Filters, the allergens are physically blocked and can not go into your respiratory system so that you can go outside even the pollen counts are high!

Filter Efficiency - *Ultra Breathable < *Super Breathable < *Super Defense < *Gas and Pollutant Reducing< *Super Defense Max

Breathablity -  *Ultra Breathable > *Super Breathable > *Super Defense > *Gas and Pollutant Reducing > *Super Defense Max
The future smells GOOD.
My nose is so sensitive that I could get a job sniffing luggage at the airport. I drive my friends and family nearly insane because I'm always saying, "Do you smell that?" and of course they do not.

I have a lifetime, inherited, serious allergy to molds. Also, due to chronic chemical occupational exposure I have many, many environmental 'allergies'. (Chemical sensitivities as it was explained to me, although my body doesn't seem to care about what correct terminology is used.

My mold allergies are so bad that my uvula swells, chronic nasal/sinus problems, long standing medicinal interventions including most recently, Decadron.

I searched and found THESE.


The idea here is that it stops the allergens before it reaches your nose. I put these in a little over a week ago and found nearly instant RELIEF. I sleep with them in. YES, they do take some getting use to but medications take a toll on your body.

This morning I woke up for the first time in YEARS and did not have purple/blue rings and bags under my eyes!!! Try them. Just try them.

Order the one with the three different sizes so you can try them all then wear it and order a whole box full of filters and you will come back on here and thank me. :D Do it for you, do it for your family. Do it for your mental health. Being in constant inflammation due to allergies is bad for you and a rotten way to live.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update.

I STILL LOVE THESE. Seriously. They provide me with INSTANT relief. Two examples: We have mold in the apartment walls where we live, (long story), now with winter coming and windows being closed, I notice I am having symptoms again unless I put these in. I sleep with these in and don't wake up with all the ..phlegm. I was cleaning the house yesterday and I'm sure anyone with these problems can relate. Moving anything from under the bed and vacuuming under there will make my sinuses feel like they have HOT LAVA in them. So I went and put my nasal filters in and within about 15 minutes my headache started to subside and my nasal symptoms went away.

Do yourself a favor and buy these.

UPDATE 03/11/2016

I've just placed my order for yet another box of filters. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Seriously if you suffer and suffer like I do and the long acting OTC medications either aren't an option or just don't cover you and you are TIRED of taking the antihistamine roller coaster, PLEASE try these. This is truly such an excellent product.

I have severe nasal allergies and I can go along through my day thinking I'm just fine and then in the next moment I'll be somewhere and get just a small exposure to some whiff of mold or preservative or who knows what and WHAM there goes my throat and nose.

I take a Benadryl and then pop these in and I'm better. I've learned now to just wear them 24hrs a day this time of the year. I carry a spare in my purse in case I'm off and have trouble while traveling.

Also, I have a very sensitive nose so I thought these would irritate my skin but they do not. Most the time I forget I have them in. My teenagers say I look like I have a nose ring so they think it's cool.

Do yourself a favor and just give this a try. It's chemical free and who needs more chemicals.

Very happy and agony free!
I am very happy with the results I have had from using the Super Defense Filters.

I had started wearing an N95 particle mask when allergies started this year, a few weeks ago here in New England.
As a wearer of glasses, these masks can be a major pain, with the fogging, and glasses not sitting right. I had no sooner been lamenting to a friend that someone should make a small mask type thing that just covers the nostrils when lo and behold I stumbled upon (ok, I searched for them) the variety of products available on Amazon. After perusing for a couple days, I decided to give the Woody's a try. Soooo glad I did. Almost immediately I noticed relief from the sinus pressure that comes with my allergic reaction. I started with the size trial pack (A great idea considering the importance of getting the right fit) and after only one day knew that this was going to make a difference. I ordered a 2 pack in my size and a box of 24 filters. They have been very effective. As soon as I start to feel a pollen reaction coming on, I pop 'em in and head it off.

Some small cons, which can't be blamed on design or construction, are getting used to having a thing in your snout, (kind of like having an oxygen line in place) and keeping them well in place throughout the day. (just the effect of occasionally touching your nose 'cuz there's a thing in it)
Small price to pay for not feeling like I have a tooth ache in every tooth on my upper right side, with an earache thrown in for good measure.

One word of caution, the frame material is soft (therefore comfortable), and the bridge is subject to wear if you pinch them too much when adjusting or removing them. (Try to avoid the instinct to use your fingernails to grab them.) I have found that I can get them partially dislodged, enough to remove them easily, with a couple good "huffs" outward with one side covered. It lets you grab it by the actual frame instead of the bridge. Or I suppose you could use the plastic tweezers that come with it to assist in grabbing the frame instead of the bridge, in addition to their intended use in changing filters.

Thank you Woody's!

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