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Mouth Dryness, Sore Throat & Snoring Solution - WoodyKnows Disposable Mouth Strips Mouth Tape, Gently Close Your Mouth to Relieve Mouth Breathing and

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How does WoodyKnows Disposable Mouth Tape work?

  • Place the mouth strip centered across your mouth. 
  • It will gently close your mouth and lead to nose breathing.
  • There will be less water evaporation and snore can't go out of your mouth any more.
Why do you choose WoodyKnows Disposable Mouth Tape?
  • Mouth and throat dryness will be relieved by applying WoodyKnows Disposable Mouth Strips. No mouth breathing, less water evaporation.
  • Develop a healthy habit of nose breathing after applying them several days later. 
  • Advanced flexible material. 
  • No adhesive on lip part (only on both ends), no skin irritation. 
  • Excellent breathability.
  • Not easy to peel off over time.
  • Work well with WoodyKnows nasal dilators. 
  • Good alternative to chin straps.
  • Can also be used to practice Buteyko Breathing Method.

Packing contents:

24 pieces

Tips on how to use:

  • If the mouth tape is too big for you, please trim it carefully to fit you.
  • Clean the skin around mouth before use it.
  • Place it right in the middle of lip.
  • Press both ends of the tape gently to keep it stick to skin.
  • Shave is highly recommended because moustache will affect its stickiness.
  • Please don't try removing it at the first period of time. It usually takes some time to get more sticky.
  • Please read and understand enclosed instruction sheet before use for complete caution statements, proper application and removal.

Breathe Easy! Sleep Easy!
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